Active lifestyles are associated with numerous physical developments, they enhance feelings of ‘energy’, well-being and independence, reduce the risk of many diseases including cognitive decline and dementia.

People with disabilities can experience limitations in hearing, vision, mobility or cognition which may impact on the level of activity if appropriate support is not available. In fact, and according to Active Lives Adult Survey November 2017-18, ‘Disabled adults are twice as likely as non-disabled adults to be physically inactive (42 per cent vs 21 per cent)’.

BSPORT+ recognizes how important is to analyse and identify factors that motivate and activate people with disabilities to establish pre-conditions for further actions at all levels.


B-SPORT+ project is addressed at people with disabilities and all those who work with them. B-SPORT+ tackles the need of better equip facilitators and create collaborative mechanisms across institutions and bodies, seeking to eliminate inequalities between people with disabilities and people without them in the practice of sports and physical activity.


BSPORT+ seeks the promotion of an active participation of people with disabilities in physical/sport activities and their adoption of healthier lifestyles through:

  • Creating a solid knowledge basis and generate evidence on the attitudes, motivations, barriers and habits of people with disabilities, to support the action
  • Generating a comprehensive provision on all existing assistive sport technology solutions suitable for people with disabilities
  • Producing a need-oriented capacity building programme tailored-made to professionals working with people with disabilities
  • Design a policy framework and establish pre-conditions to public innovations and professional initiatives towards the activation of people with disabilities

Our publications to support the engagement and activation of people with disabilities and promote healthier lifestyles will be released soon, including:

  • White paper on key actions and policies
  • Guidelines for a HEPA monitor and assistive technology
  • Capacity building programme
  • Recommendations

In the meantime, if you are interested, contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we officially launch any of them.


The first meeting of the project BSPORT+: BOTTOM UP PARTNERSHIP was held in Istanbul (Turkey) on 5-6 of March, 2020.

This meeting had been attended by representatives of 10 organizations from 9 European countries: FUNDACIÓN INTRAS ( and ASOCIACIÓN DE PSICOLOGÍA EVOLUTIVA Y EDUCATIVA DE LA INFANCIA ( from Spain, ISTANBUL AVRUPA ARASTIRMALARI DERNEGI ( from Turky, OZARA STORITVENO IN INVALIDSKO PODJETJE D.O.O. ( from Slovenia, STICHTING WONCA EUROPE ( from Netherlands, KUNGLIGA TEKNISKA HOEGSKOLAN ( from Sweden, TOPCOACH SRO ( from Slovakia, SInAPSi ATHENAEUM CENTRE ( from Italy, TRENDHUIS CVBA ( from Belgium and the EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY OF TIRANA ( from Albania.

Among the key points of the meeting were 1) the official start of the project with the beginning of some activities, 2) a clarification of the phases to follow at the time to complete the state-of-art analysis about the situation of people with disabilities and their participation and access to sport and physical activities and 3) planning activities for 2020, such as the review of technological developments that improve the access of people with disabilities to sport and physical activities or the activation of networks to ensure the fulfilling of the objectives of the project.

The next meeting will take place in Sweden on 15-16, September 2020.

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