Intras Foundation is always trying to increase the opportunities available for inclusive participation of our service users (people with psychosocial disabilities). Sports is one of our field of interest and the organization of events integrated in the community where INTRAS Foundation operates is one of our priorities. Currently in our region, people with psychosocial disabilities should decide if they join sport activities adapted to another target groups (e.g.: people with intellectual dissabilities) or join regular activities, which are not always accessible to them. Through Bsport+ we will address this issue by providing high-quality sport opportunities based on equity and inclusion, open to anyone regardless their health condition and sharing our model to other organizations and professionals to activate PwD in general.


Istanbul Avrupa Arastirmalari Dernegi recently engaged in the field of sport, physical activity and healthy lifestyle through two ERASMUS+ Sport funded projects (My Best Sport Day and the European Game), and aims at consolidating its specific set of competences into the HEPA, now with project BSPORT+ and Fit for Kids (both ERASMUS+ Sport). Under the project BSPORT+, IAAD seeks to promote accompanying educational activities such as a Teachers’ Resource pack. IAAD aims at taking a leading role at local level (district of Büyükçekmece) in providing impetus for fostering social inclusion and intercultural competences with a community-based vision and strategy, engaging and activating individuals and families to adopt healthy lifestyles.

OZARA (Slovenia)

OZARA d.o.o. is strongly committed to pursue innovative and contemporary approaches for quality of life for employees and users of our programmes. Sport is an integral part of workplace health promotion activities and we are keen to learn something new especially when it comes down to involve people in sport and other socializing activities for our target groups. Active and healthy lifestyle is a very important element for tackling different problem areas and situations when working with our target groups. The greatest benefit of this project is to share, learn and benefit from the multiple professional experience of this consortium, bringing together, HE, businesses, NGOs and thus gather a variety of approaches for a multiplying effect to the target groups, beneficiaries and surrounding social realms we work and live in.


WONCA Europe is thrilled to be a part of the Bsports consortium and to contribute to promoting physical activity (PA) to people with disabilities. The various positive benefits of regular PA are widely acknowledged, where PA contributes to preventing and managing non-communicable diseases such as type-2-diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. We believe that family doctors are in a unique position to encourage PA given their access to a great group of people across communities, and we want to build upon this by generating knowledge about prescribing PA to people with disabilities.


BSPORT+ represents both a challenge and an opportunity for us to develop new opportunities to promote Sport and healthy habits among PwDs at regional level. In this regard, we firmly believed that sport and PA are both very important for the integration of people with disabilities and in the prevention of further or future disabilities. INFAD has gradually increase its special interest in the research fields of disability, ageing, childhood and youth and organizing international congresses and other events. BSPORT+ will be included in the Psychology applied to sports area of INFAD, and we will especially promote healthy lifestyles in educational centres based on Extremadura and Castilla y León Spanish regions.


The big goal in society that KTH is trying to tackle is to identify sustainable alternatives for moving from healthcare to wellness in general. Not just only connected to a PwD. There, BSport+ has been identified as an essential part, as many solutions for rising PA of PWDs will most likely be applicable in the larger question of how we, as a society, move towards more preventive healthcare. That is, keep us healthy with the goal of preventing lifestyle diseases. In parallel, we at KTH and together with a consultant have just completed the prototype of technology to help blind swimmers. The plan is to do the first tests in water after New Year.


This project is a great opportunity to share our experiences with other partners and to learn from them. This partnership helps us to develop new ideas and apply then within this project and therefore to support our target groups. We believe that BSPORT+ project outcomes will make the life of PwDs better and higher quality.

SInAPSi (Italy)

SINAPSI offers and supports initiatives aimed at increasing the participation of all the students in university life, with a particular focus on students living educational disadvantages, caused by personal, social, cultural or economic circumstances, that might put them at high risk of social exclusion. SInAPSi provides students with opportunities for self-development and growth, helping them to become proactive in improving the quality of their life, their academic experience, and social relationships. Sport practice, intended not just as a physical activity performed exclusively for elite athletics, represents a key element for growth, has multiple physical and mental health benefits and it is a source of social inclusion. Through BSPORT+ project, SInAPSi is committed to promote physical exercise and sport practice as crucial means to enhance the overall health and well-being of people experiencing disadvantage conditions, at both individual and social levels.


Trendhuis’ involvement in BSport+ comes from our belief that sport and physical exercise are an important part of improving workers’ resilience. Research have shown that people who regularly work out not only improve their physical but also their mental health. This leads to less anxiety and stress, which in turn leads to a decrease in burn-out symptoms. We also want to bring awareness to the fact that exercise doesn’t necessarily need to involve an expensive gym membership or expensive workout clothes. Physically active modes of transportation like cycling and walking or being active during breaks at work kill multiple birds with one stone by being healthy, cheap and eco-friendly. The responses we received to the BSport+ survey also highlight the importance of spreading awareness about the benefits of being physically active: 51% of respondents said that they spent less than one hour a day in sport or recreational activities; Another 6% even said that they do not work out at all. Trendhuis believes that by being a part of the BSport+ project we can improve the quality of life of a substantial percentage of these people.

EUT SHPK (Albania)

B-SPORT+ represents an innovative project in the current portfolio of experience of EUT. Thus far, it has had a significant impact at both institutional and community levels, by rising the awareness on the need for active sport participation for PwDs in Albania. Up to experts’ team knowledge, B-SPORT+ is one of the very few similar initiatives in Albania aiming at engaging PwDs to a healthy lifestyle and sport participation (specifically children and youths with diabetes). Beside its institutional and local impact, B-SPORT+ has enabled an excellent collaboration at European level, promoting the continues exchange of good practices and experiences.

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