We are happy to inform you that OZARA d.o.o. team jumpstarted a testing action for the future Capacity Building Programme piloting actions within our E+ project Bsport+.

To mark the international day of Sport, we decided to take the first steps and act. Living under several restrictions in recent months has affected many of us: our employees as well as our colleagues and programme users facing different physical or psychosocial barriers in everyday life. To amend the lost time, loosen ties and maybe also awareness how much everyday physical activity and peer support can influence the well being in workplace, we motivated ang gathered a multigenerational and diverse team in cooperation with OZARA ZC d.o.o. (Employment centre) employees. A cycling tour was organized to promote PA, peer support and exchange of future cooperation possibilities for targeted actions in order to promote the general idea of inclusion of PWD’s in HEPA.

Check our group on the (over) 30km long cycling tour in the lovely Pomurje region – cycling together, getting stronger, strengthening intergenerational and peer support to “move on”

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