B-SPORT+ is a blueprint to engage and activate Persons with Disabilities (PwD) and to assist them adopting healthy habits through a Lifelong Sporting System starting at an early age and continuing in their active life (workplace, professional activity, etc.).

The first step of BSPORT+ project was to involve different influential and expert institutions, who have experience working with PwD and/or promoting healthy habits. They are or could be NGOs, research units, sports clubs, schools or other relevant organisations/institutions; they just need to register on our project website (www.bsportplus.eu ‘who we are’ section). Our goal is to build a community of practice in each partner country to be able to:

  1. Equip institutions and bodies to assist PwD in adopting healthy habits
  2. Build a capacity building programme for professionals working with PwD at any level
  3. Build upon the network’s expertise and knowledge exchange
  4. Promote cross-sectoral cooperation towards a unique goal: promote healthier habits among PwD

As a good sample of how we have been working on this, we present the case of KTH, our partner from Sweden, which is a large school with over 3600 employees. These are the results so far:

It has been an active autumn which above all results, in a plethora of contacts (stakeholders) that can enable long-term change in activating PwD. Some of these contacts are: GIH, RF, TäbySim and NackaHi. A larger Zoom meeting with these and other actors was held on October, 27th to gather forces and meet each other. During this meeting, two areas that are relevant to BSport+ were identified:

– Para-sports where there is an interest in getting more people active.

– Ongoing projects that look at the benefits of physical activity where previous research has been done among both children and the elderly.

Here the plan is that BSport+ can function as a platform to take the knowledge that already exists and convey this to stakeholders. To get a better insight into all developments in technology linked to sports, a first joint meeting was held on December, 11thand the next step will be to organize an internal conference in sports where, among others, Bsport+ is intended to be part of the program.

From the larger perspective, a first Nordic meeting to discuss about how to compete for the gold in Paralympics with larger countries such as China and the USA was held on the December, 1st. It also gathered the knowledge about sport technologies that exists in the Nordic region and identified common interests linked to activities for PwD.

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