It has been a year since the BSPORT+ Project started. Just before our neighbourhoods and cities closed down due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 10 organizations that lead this initiative in 9 European countries (Albania, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Turkey) met to launch it in Istanbul (Turkey) at the beginning of March. At that time, no one imagined the year ahead, or that the BSPORT+ project would be more necessary than ever: ​​against restrictions on mobility and the lack of social contact, sports, physical activity and the maintenance of Healthy lifestyles make us stronger against the pandemic at both levels, physically and mentally.

One way to protect your well-being is through physical activity. Not only BSPORT+ partners agree on the benefits of sport and physical activity, but also many scientists talk about the positive effects of sports on our lives: Exercise improves mood, reduces stress and anxiety, increases self-esteem and self-confidence. Sport can even serve as a way to prevent mental illness. [1] Scientists claim that daily exercise reduces the risk of depression and cognitive decline and dementia in adults and the elderly by 20-30% without side effects. [2]

However, and although we know the benefits, there are still great inequalities in the participation of people with disabilities in sports and in the maintenance of healthy habits. As a working group, we asked ourselves what we can do to reduce them and during this year we have advanced by creating strong ties with other organizations and individuals. If you are interested in healthy habits and physical activity for people with disabilities and would like to know more about BSPORT+ project, activities and results, please fill this very short questionnaire and be part of our network:

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